Appetite Control Diet Supplement

Control how much you eat at a meal with this effective weight loss aid. This unique combination contains Garcinia cambogia (yes - the very same ingredient that you've heard Dr. OZ talk about!), a natural extract from the tropical fruit which contains HCA and helps block excessive conversion of glucose from carbs to body fat and chromium polynicotinate (an essential trace mineral important for controlling the appetite)

Both ingredients are a potent combination that work together to reduce sugar cravings and lower body fat. Taken before meals, it is an important component of the Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan for those who wish to successfully manage their weight without the side effects of other weight loss products on the market.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules for at least a 30 day supply based on 3 meals-a-day. PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE & therapeutically formulated to give therapeutic results as compared to over the counter products!

**Please note: at times, the weight loss industry gets overly media-hyped on certain ingredients causing shortages of raw ingredients for our laboratories. In which case, that may mean one of the weight loss supplements will create a short delay for you receiving your order. Our orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis and as quickly as we possibly can get them out. Thank you for understanding!

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Appetite Control Diet Supplement

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