Try this pharmaceutical time-release b vitamin formula to reduce stress, give more energy and have better health!
Powerful Time-Released Vitamins B6, B12 & Folic Acid. Have More Energy & Relieve Your Stress Today!
B vitamins are known to be helpful for your heart, help depression, anemia, premature aging, prevent birth defects, help energy levels and so much more than can be listed here.
You get the most benefit of our special time-release formula because it releases into your body all day instead of being flushed out of your body right away (like other typical vitamins). You won't find this pharmaceutical time-released B vitamin combo at any local store! 
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30-day supply - 100% Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied. Contains in a special time-release formula:
Pyridoxine HCL (B6) 150 mg, Cyanocobalamin (B12) 200 mcg, Folic Acid 800 mcg. 
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B-Active: Time Release B Vitamins for Less Stress & More Energy!

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