Have healthier, stronger bones with Active Bone Support!
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A Superior Bone Formula for Essential Healthy Bones!
Calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 are essential components to keep your bones from becoming brittle. Active Bone Support gives you the assurance you need for supporting bone mineral density and bone strength to help prevent Osteoporosis. Specially formulated to give maximum absorption in the correct 2:1 balance without stomach side effects found in other bone products. Bottle contains 120 tablets for a 30-90 supply.
Ingredients (per 2 tablets):
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol): 100 IU
Calcium (as calcium citrate):      250 mg
Magnesium: (as magnesium     125 mg
glycinate chelate*)
*Albion Laboratories
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Build & Maintain Great Bone Health with Active Bone Support

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