High Potency Vitamin D3 - 1000 IU
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The latest research has shown that a lot of folks are lacking enough Vitamin D (especially Vitamin D3) in their diets, and that the daily requirements are higher than previously thought. Most know about the importance of Vitamin D’s helping the body metabolize calcium for proper bone health. However, there have been significant research studies lately that have highlighted the importance of Vitamin D3 role of protecting the body, including colon, prostate, breast and ovaries, where it works to stop the excessive growth of body cells and tissues and helps cells mature normally. It's also important for mental health. See links below for recent research Vitamin D benefits, deficiency problems, dosage amounts, and Vitamin D health information!

Adequate amounts of vitamin D, an essential, fat-soluble vitamin, come from consistent exposure to sunshine and are difficult to obtain from dietary sources. Postmenopausal women, older individuals, and those with mal-absorption, limited sun exposure, or certain illnesses may need to take higher amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), the naturally-occurring form, is especially helpful for those who suffer from the effects of seasonal declines in vitamin D status or have an existing vitamin D deficiency. Bottle contains 100 capsules with 1,000 I.U. per capsule.

*Vitamin D can help lessen Depression Signs as part of Treatment
*Pre-cancer growths may be inhibited with Vitamin D say researchers 
*Death associated with low levels of Vitamin D In Elderly 
*Vitamin D And Omega 3 may help with removal of Alzheimer Plaque 
*Being Overweight Causes Deficit in Vitamin D 
*Low Amounts of Vitamin D connected to Heart Disease 
*Pregnancy Issues are a problem with low amounts of Vitamin D 
*Healthy People Stay Healthier with Elevated Amounts of Vitamin D 
*Do you know which kind of Vitamin D Is Best for you? 
*How do you know how much is the right amount of Vitamin D? 
*Vitamin D labels often misleading with potency amounts and not compliant   

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High Potency Vitamin D3 - 1000 IU

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