You'll Feel The Difference, Super Potiency Multi-Vitamins
Did you know that there's a reason that 99% of multi-vitamins just pass through your system without getting digested? It's because of the coating they put on the vitamin to keep it looking pretty. Vital-28 is water-soluble so that you get maximum benefit of the vitamins, minerals, trace elements & anti-oxidants!
Becoming one of our most popular products, Vital-28 Multi-Vitamin Supplement provides a significant amount of essential nutrition with multiple vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a form that is most readily absorbed by the body (unlike many other brands on the market). It won't upset your stomach like so many vitamins - And it comes with the superior quality you've come to expect from Active 8!
Vital-28 offers additional anti-oxidant protection, more trace element nutrition lacking in many of today's diets, plus additional B-vitamin supplementation.  This special iron-free formula gives extra nutrient protection suitable for routine daily use. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Vital-28 today & Feel the Difference!
60 Capsules per bottle.   Need more info? Read more - Click here!
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Vital 28 High Potency Multi-Vitamin Supplement

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